De'Longhi Magnifica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso, Cappuccino

Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B

Coffee has become an integral part of our daily lives, and for many, the quest for the perfect cup of joe is a never-ending journey. If you’re a coffee enthusiast who appreciates the convenience of a fully automatic coffee machine, the De’Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B could be your ideal companion.

In this de’longhi eletta cappuccino ecam44.660.b review, we will delve into the features, performance, and overall value of the De’Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B bean-to-cup coffee machine in sleek black.

Features and Specifications

De'Longhi Magnifica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso, Cappuccino

Let’s kick things off by examining the technical specifications and key features that make the De’Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B stand out in the world of coffee machines.

The ECAM44.660.B boasts a range of impressive features

Fully Automatic Operation: This machine is designed to make your coffee brewing experience effortless. With just a few button presses, you can enjoy your favorite coffee beverages.

Bean to Cup Brewing

The de’longhi eletta cappuccino ecam44.660.b bean to cup coffee machine takes whole coffee beans and grinds them to perfection, ensuring the freshest possible cup of coffee every time.

Cappuccino and Espresso Options

Whether you crave a creamy cappuccino or a bold espresso, this machine has you covered. It can prepare a wide variety of coffee drinks with ease.

Large 2-Liter Water Tank

The generous water tank capacity means fewer refills, making it perfect for households with multiple coffee lovers.

Sleek Black Design: The machine’s elegant black exterior will complement any modern kitchen decor.

Design and Build Quality

The aesthetics and build quality of a coffee machine can significantly enhance the overall coffee brewing experience. The De’Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B doesn’t disappoint in this regard.

The machine’s exterior is a harmonious blend of form and function. Its sleek black design exudes sophistication and modernity, making it a stylish addition to your kitchen countertop. The dimensions of the ECAM44.660.B are well-balanced, ensuring it doesn’t occupy an excessive amount of space.

In terms of build quality, De’Longhi is known for its craftsmanship, and the ECAM44.660.B lives up to that reputation. It’s solidly constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

Brewing Options

Now, let’s dive into the heart of the matter—the brewing capabilities of the De’Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B.

Bean-to-Cup Brewing

De'Longhi Magnifica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso, Cappuccino

Bean-to-cup brewing is the hallmark of this coffee machine. It starts with whole coffee beans that are freshly ground for each cup, preserving the beans’ flavor and aroma. This method ensures that you experience the true essence of your coffee, from the beans to the cup, without any intermediaries.

Espresso Brewing

How to Use a Coffee Machine

Espresso lovers will appreciate the ECAM44.660.B’s ability to brew a rich and authentic espresso. The machine’s precision in extracting coffee ensures that you get the perfect shot every time. Whether you prefer single or double shots, this machine can accommodate your espresso preferences.

Cappuccino Making

How to Make Cappuccino with Coffee Machine

The ECAM44.660.B’s cappuccino-making prowess is a standout feature. It combines freshly brewed espresso with perfectly frothed milk to create a creamy and indulgent cappuccino. The milk frothing wand allows you to customize the level of frothiness to your liking, catering to both mild and dense froth enthusiasts.

Customization Options

For those who like to have control over their coffee, the ECAM44.660.B offers a range of customization options. You can adjust the strength of your coffee, the amount of water used, and the grind settings to fine-tune your brew. The machine also allows you to save your preferences for quick and consistent brewing.

User-Friendly Interface

The ECAM44.660.B’s control panel is designed with user convenience in mind. Even if you’re not a seasoned barista, you’ll find it easy to navigate. The intuitive buttons and clear display make selecting your desired coffee beverage a breeze. It’s a coffee machine that’s accessible to both beginners and coffee connoisseurs.

Coffee Quality

The ultimate measure of any coffee machine is the quality of the coffee it produces. In this regard, the De’Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B shines.

The bean-to-cup brewing process ensures that every cup of coffee is brimming with freshness and flavor. The machine’s grinder is adept at achieving the desired consistency, whether you prefer a fine espresso grind or a coarser coffee for other brewing methods.

The extraction process is precise, resulting in a well-balanced coffee with a rich crema for espressos and a creamy texture for cappuccinos. The ECAM44.660.B consistently delivers coffee that’s both aromatic and satisfying.

Maintenance and Cleaning

How to Use a Sage Coffee Machine

One aspect of owning a coffee machine that’s often overlooked is maintenance and cleaning. Neglecting these tasks can lead to decreased performance and even damage over time.

The de’longhi eletta cappuccino ecam44.660.b bean to cup coffee machine – black simplifies this aspect of ownership. It features a self-cleaning function that rinses the coffee and milk circuits, ensuring that there’s no residual build-up that can affect the taste of your beverages.

Additionally, the drip tray and coffee grounds container are easy to remove and clean.

Regular descaling is crucial to prevent mineral build-up, and the machine provides prompts when it’s time for this maintenance task. De’Longhi offers descaling solutions tailored for their machines, making the process hassle-free.

Pros and Cons


  • Fully automatic operation for hassle-free brewing.
  • Bean-to-cup brewing preserves freshness and flavor.
  • Versatile cappuccino and espresso options.
  • Large water tank reduces the need for frequent refills.
  • Stylish black design complements modern kitchens.
  • Customization options for a personalized coffee experience.


  • Premium pricing compared to basic coffee machines.
  • May require some learning for new users to fully utilize customization features.

Customer Reviews

To gain a broader perspective on the De’Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B, let’s consider feedback from actual users.

Many customers praise the machine’s convenience and the quality of coffee it produces. The automatic milk frother and customizable settings receive high marks for their ability to cater to individual tastes.

Some users, however, mention a learning curve when initially setting up the machine and navigating its features. Nevertheless, most find that the effort is well worth it once they experience the exceptional coffee it delivers.

Price and Value for Money

The De’Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B is undoubtedly an investment in your coffee enjoyment. While it falls into a higher price bracket compared to basic coffee makers, it offers a range of features and a coffee quality that justifies the cost.

If you’re a coffee lover who appreciates the convenience of a fully automatic bean-to-cup machine and values the quality of the coffee it produces, then the ECAM44.660.B is a solid choice.


The De’Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B bean-to-cup coffee machine in black is a standout choice for coffee enthusiasts who crave convenience without compromising on coffee quality. Its impressive array of features, customization options, and sleek design make it a worthy addition to any kitchen.

While it may require a bit of a learning curve for some users, the exceptional coffee it consistently delivers and the ease of maintenance make it a valuable long-term investment for your daily coffee ritual. If you’re ready to elevate your coffee experience to new heights, the ECAM44.660.B is an excellent choice that won’t disappoint.

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