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Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine

The Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine is a staple appliance in many homes, offering the perfect solution for coffee lovers who crave a convenient yet flavorful cup of coffee.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve deep into the features, brewing process, maintenance, and customer feedback of the Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham, also referred to as the Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine.

Capacity and Design

Russell Hobbs

The Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Coffee Machine boasts a generous 1.25-liter water tank, making it suitable for households of various sizes. Its sleek black and silver aesthetics not only add a touch of elegance to your kitchen but also blend seamlessly with modern kitchen appliances.

Brewing Options

One of the standout features of the Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham is its ability to cater to different coffee preferences. With multiple brewing strengths to choose from, you can customize your coffee to be as mild or as bold as you desire. Additionally, the timer function allows you to pre-set your brewing time, ensuring that your coffee is ready when you need it, saving you time and energy in the morning rush.

Advanced Showerhead Technology

Achieving the perfect cup of coffee is all about optimal flavor extraction, and the Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham excels in this regard. Its advanced showerhead technology ensures even distribution of water over the coffee grounds, resulting in a rich and full-bodied taste with every brew.

Keep Warm Plate

No one likes lukewarm coffee. The built-in keep warm plate of this coffee machine maintains your coffee’s temperature, so you can savor every sip at your own pace without worrying about it getting cold.

Pause and Pour Feature

The Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine understands the importance of convenience during the brewing process. With its pause and pour feature, you can interrupt the brewing cycle to pour a cup of coffee without making a mess, a handy feature for those hectic mornings.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Russell Hobbs

Navigating the Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham’s control panel is a breeze. The user-friendly interface ensures that you can operate the coffee machine effortlessly, even if you’re not a tech-savvy coffee connoisseur.

Auto Shut-off

Safety and energy efficiency are top priorities, and the Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham excels in both aspects. The auto shut-off feature turns off the machine after a certain period of inactivity, preventing unnecessary energy consumption and ensuring peace of mind.

Brewing Process

Now that we’ve explored the machine’s key features, let’s dive into how the Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine works and how you can harness its capabilities to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

A Step-by-step Guide to Brewing Coffee with the Russell Hobbs 20680

  • Start by filling the 1.25-liter water tank with the desired amount of water, taking into account the number of cups you wish to brew.
  • Open the coffee filter compartment, where you can place your preferred coffee grounds.
  • Select your brewing strength on the control panel. Whether you prefer a mild, medium, or strong brew, the Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham has you covered.
  • If you have a busy morning routine, take advantage of the timer function to have your coffee ready precisely when you need it.
  • The advanced showerhead technology will ensure that the water is evenly distributed over the coffee grounds, extracting maximum flavor.
  • As your coffee brews, the keep warm plate will maintain its temperature, so it’s hot and ready when you’re ready to pour.
  • Thanks to the pause and pour feature, you can sneak a cup mid-brew without causing any mess or interruptions.
  • When you’ve brewed enough coffee for your needs, the auto shut-off feature kicks in, conserving energy and enhancing safety.

Importance of Water-to-Coffee Ratio

Russell Hobbs

Achieving the perfect coffee flavor also relies on getting the water-to-coffee ratio right. With the Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham, you have control over the amount of coffee grounds you use, ensuring your coffee is never too weak or too strong for your taste.

Brewing Time and Temperature Control

The Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine maintains the optimal brewing temperature to ensure that the flavors are extracted just right. The brewing time can be adjusted to match your preferences, allowing you to fine-tune your coffee’s taste.

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Experiment with different coffee beans to find the flavor profile that suits you best.

Use freshly ground coffee beans for the freshest and most flavorful brew.

Regularly clean the coffee machine to prevent any buildup that may affect the taste of your coffee.

Detachable Parts for Easy Cleaning

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Keeping your coffee machine clean is essential for maintaining its performance and ensuring the longevity of its components. The Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham makes this task hassle-free with its detachable parts. The coffee filter, water tank, and drip tray can all be easily removed and cleaned, saving you time and effort.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to preventing issues and preserving the quality of your coffee. By following the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations and descaling the coffee machine as needed, you can enjoy consistently great-tasting coffee for years to come.

Descaling the Coffee Machine

Over time, mineral deposits can accumulate in your coffee machine, affecting its performance and the taste of your coffee. Descaling is a simple process that involves using a descaling solution to remove these deposits. The Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham provides clear instructions on how to perform this maintenance task.

D. Ensuring Longevity and Performance

By taking the time to clean and maintain your Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine, you can ensure that it continues to deliver exceptional coffee and remains a reliable kitchen companion for the long haul.


As we conclude our in-depth exploration of the Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine, it’s clear that this coffee maker offers a host of features designed to enhance your coffee brewing experience. From its customizable brewing options to its convenient pause and pour feature, it caters to both coffee aficionados and those seeking a quick, quality cup of coffee.

Investing in a quality coffee machine like the Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham is a smart choice for coffee lovers. Its advanced technology, ease of use, and stylish design make it a standout choice in the market.

In summary, the Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine is a reliable companion for your daily coffee rituals, delivering consistently great-tasting coffee with convenience and style.

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